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"The results have been spectacular for this small winery." -- Spokane Wine Magazine


We produce wines of exceptional balance. This requires tight control over the fruit production paired with gentle technique. By dividing fruit into small lots and completing fermentation in the barrel, we are able to capture unique notes and flavors that are carefully preserved until the final blend is made.

This patient, traditional method allows the natural processes of fermentation and aging to frame the character of the wine, representing the historic traditions of winemaking.

We have an innovative side too—unique blends and varietal expressions quite different from what you may be used to. Explorations of techniques like carbonic maceration and the use of obscure varietals shows off a more youthful approach. By establishing wine production in this region, we confront conventional thinking about vineyards and wine itself and celebrate the pioneering spirit of the Palouse.

Our Current Wines:

Syrah:  The nose offers an enticing come-on of roses and raspberries.  A bright flavor fills your mouth with a blend of cherries , strawberries and currants.  This wine has a long, supple finish; its reserved nature complements lamb and seafood, pasta and chicken curry.


Sauvignon Blanc (2022):    Fresh peach and vanilla candy notes in the nose give way to a delightful mouthfeel of smooth sweetness that leaves the palate clean.  Great to sip alone or pair with sharp cheese or spicy dishes.

Carmenere:  The aroma of warm fruit leads to a mouth-warming experience of tart cherry with cinnamon overtones.  This classic fragrant palate is perfect to accompany the flavors of delicate main dishes.


Petit Verdot:  A leather aroma precedes the expanding mouth experience that includes a burst of fruitiness followed by a butterscotch finish.  This exciting wine will interact with many foods in positive and unexpected ways.

Ittero Alli Rossi:  A bouquet of cloves wrapped in raspberry heralds this complex blend of syrah with malbec, and mourvedre.  The palate detects vanilla and jasmine overlain by the clove bouquet with a breath of pipe tobacco and nectarine.

Cabernet Sauvignon Black Wing (2012): An inviting cherry nose with hints of blackberry and pomegranate delivers a mature, tannic, mouth-filling experience that lingers with a baked apple, brown sugar and candy-smooth finish.


2010 Cabernet Franc: This varietal offers a buttery nose and a bright, clean opening with palate-cleansing acidity that makes it a great food wine.  Medium-bodied, with a cherry undertone, this pleasing red is the perfect accompaniment for a light meal, from lamb to salmon, a dinner salad, or that box of quality chocolates that finish the meal.   **** Quantities Limited / Almost out of stock ***

2008 Merlot:   A breath of juniper and a hint of pine invite you to savor a complex, mouth-filling experience of true merlot that concludes with a touch of vanilla.  Enjoy this big wine with red meat, cherries, sage, and chocolate.   **** Quantities Limited / Almost out of stock ***

Malbec-Carmenere:  This exquisite blend of deep red wines balances pleasing acidity with anise over smoky salmon followed by a redwood note.  The big finish of marzipan, melon and leather lingers on the tongue.  **** Quantities Limited / Almost out of stock ***

To protect the quality of our wines, Wawawai Canyon Winery ships when temperatures at the delivery address are between 75°F and 20°F .

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